Saturday, July 9, 2011

My first post. Yay!

All is quiet in the Pauley house, a rare moment. My husband Nick and my two little boys Asher (almost 3)and Cole (4 months) are sound asleep in our bed. So I am taking this opportunity to start my first post on my new blog. I was telling my bestie Anna from that Mommy Blogging is a sport! Take yesterday for example, I thought I had a few stolen moments to type a few things and I was pretty excited thinking about what I might get to write about. I sat down at the computer and on Que,Asher who somehow always knows when I am about to get on the computer, wakes from his nap to come and see what I could possibly be up to without his help. It is the same with a phone call, which I am betting all other parents know exactly what I am talking about. 

Now this is where the sport begins. Asher wants me to hold him, which I gladly do, except for some reason to hold him at the computer means he shifts from side to side. Making me dodge his body with each punch of the keys. I am leaning my head as far to one side as possible to see the screen while little arms drape around my neck in more of a vice grip than loving one. My hair begins to be tugged as I receive raspberries blown onto my cheeks with my almost 3 year old managing to giggle with excitement, yet topped with whining to really drive his point home. No Mommy at the computer, ever!!!! Starting to realize my attempts to blog may be over Asher hops down from my lap and sits on the floor. Giving me a second of hope, only to push the off button on the computer and shut the whole operation down. Mommy time 1 Blogging 0.

"Oh well" I sigh. The only reason I am wanting to write a blog anyway is to chronicle this amazing, special and lets be honest, sometimes challenging phase of life. Its moments like these that give me something to write about.

It all played out so perfectly and as I was explaining it to Anna later that night over laughs I realized maybe I like the idea of blogging better than actually doing it! I do know I am in awe of all the other amazing mommy blogs that are out there and usually am stumped at how they manage it all. Any tips?? Do tell, please.


  1. p.s. figured out how to create a comment, obviously;)