Friday, July 22, 2011

Bird Watching Binoculars

This morning Asher and I made binoculars to watch the birds. It was a quick craft and since he was really needing extra mommy time this morning it was the perfect thing. This first week back from our vacation has been challenging getting back into our routine. I guess having a mommy for a week that doesn't have any daily chores plus a houseful of family to entertain and cuddle him makes the transition back to our normal schedule a little tough. So a little morning craft added to the day hopefully will add that extra special something to get through the day relatively whine's hoping!

The items needed for the craft are simple and most likely lurking somewhere in your craft drawers

  • Construction paper. Cut in half down the center. Can also use empty toilet paper rolls. Great reuse idea.
  • Stickers, Crayons, paint
  • Glue, tape or a stapler
  • Twine or string
  • Hole punch (or just use scissors)

How to:
  • Have your child decorate each piece of paper using what they choose.
  • Using a glue stick, glue one side of the paper to the other making a cylinder shape.
  • Glue the tubes to one another.
  • Punch a hole on the outside end of each tube at the same spot
  • Measure the amount of twine needed for each child and tie the ends to the tubes.

Viola! Bird Watching Binoculars

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